Mobile Apps for Every User Type

Synergy® mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices enable teachers, parents, students, and school staff to access information and get things done wherever and whenever it's convenient.

All of our mobile applications are installed on the device as fast, local applications that provide full use of the key features. Users are able to use the same login for the mobile applications as for the web-based portals, so there's no need to remember multiple passwords or for IT teams to manage separate logins for different platforms.

ParentVUE® Mobile Application

The ParentVUE mobile application strengthens the home-school connection by allowing parents to access real-time information on attendance, school events and announcements, assignments and scores, final grades, messages from teachers, health and discipline records, demographic information, fee records, alerts, and reminders. The ParentVUE mobile application supports multiple languages for districts serving diverse populations.

StudentVUE® Mobile Application

The StudentVUE mobile application helps students stay engaged and accountable for their own education by enabling them to view real-time grades and test scores, see when assignments are due, communicate with teachers, submit assignments, take assessments, and submit course requests. The StudentVUE mobile application supports multiple languages for districts serving diverse populations.

TeacherVUE® Mobile Application

The TeacherVUE mobile application enables teachers to take attendance, create assignments and enter scores, submit discipline incident referrals, view student demographics information, and more. Mobile access to the TeacherVUE module is convenient for entering and viewing data while moving about the classroom and also for outdoor activities like field trips and physical education classes.

AdminVUE™ Mobile Application

The AdminVUE mobile application provides principals, school resource officers, and other administrative staff the information they need – when and where they need – to have informed discussions with students.

HealthVUE™ Mobile Application

The HealthVUE mobile application enables school nurses and health professionals to access and update Synergy data as they work, from their handheld device.