NWLINKS - Connecting Schools and Libraries across Northwest Minnesota

The NW-LINKS Consortium was created in 1998 in response to Telecommunications Access Grant legislation passed by the Minnesota Legislature.

NW-LINKS schools and public libraries cover over 24,000 square miles in northwest Minnesota. The boundaries of NW-LINKS extend as far south as Browns Valley and as far north as Warroad. The region also extends as far as Brainerd to the east, with the western boundary along the North and South Dakota state lines.

Given the vast distance between school districts, public libraries, and post-secondary institutions in the NW-LINKS region, collaborating to deliver high performing, cost effective broadband telecommunications access is critical to delivering educational opportunities and information resources to citizens in our communities.

NW-LINKS is a consortium of 70 public school districts and four regional public library systems located in northwest Minnesota.

Benefits of NW Links Membership

  • Cost
  • Network Support
  • Customer Priority
  • Collaboration and Network Use
  • E-rate
  • Telecommunications / Internet Access Equity Aid

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Support / Help

If your Internet connection is down or performance is unsatisfactory:

  1. Call the NW Links 24 hour Help Desk at (888)503-6672.
  2. Have the Help Desk open a Trouble Ticket and record the ticket number.
  3. Tell the Help Desk technician how to best reach you for follow-up.

Mission Statement

NW LINKS, a collaborative technology effort among school districts, public library systems and higher education institutions, will equitably establish and maintain a telecommunications infrastructure and foster the use of these improved telecommunications capabilities in northwest Minnesota to expand citizens' access to learning opportunities and information resources as envisioned by the Learning Network of Minnesota.


3031 17th Street South Moorhead, MN 56560 

Bob Wheeler bob@region1.k12.mn.us 218-236-2990 ext. 101 



NW Links Governance Meetings