The Synergy ParentVUE® and StudentVUE® modules empower families to do more than just view student assignments and test scores. Now, parents and students can get things done – like paying fees, turning in assignments, and scheduling courses - and collaborate every step of the way with the educators invested in their success.



Single Sign-On

Parents need just one login to see information for all of their children, regardless of school; Students can view all of their information in one place, even if they attend more than one physical or online campus.

Big Picture Information

See attendance and discipline records, conference visits, health office visits, immunization compliance, transcripts, graduation status, and more. District settings determine what parents can see and what students can see.

Real-Time Grades & Assessment Scores

Know right away if students are on track academically or need extra help.

Class Website Access

Stay up to date with what’s happening in the classroom.


Find out right away when new assignments are posted.

Customizable Alerts

Parents can get email notifications about school events, attendance, and discipline incidents, or when a student performs below a specified grade. 

Access to Assessments & Tests

Students can take online assessments and tests right in StudentVUE; Parents can view results immediately.

Digital Dropbox for Assignment Delivery

Submit assignments to teachers at any time.

Digital Lockers for Work in Progress

Store all incomplete assignments in one place.

Stay Connected

Communicate with teachers.

Course Scheduling

Submit course requests and have prerequisites automatically verified.

Student Information Updates

Easily update information like emergency contact or physician information.

Online Learning Resources

Discover online resources recommended by your children’s teachers.

Fee Payment

Pay school fees anytime – no more checks.

Web Portal and Mobile App 
(iPhone/iPod Touch/Android)

It works wherever you are - at work, after school activities, or weekend events.



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