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December 2021

SmartHR Tip: Rally for Online W-2’s in Your District

Rally for Online W-2’s in your district Now is the time to notify your employees that W-2’s will be available online. Save your district time and money by having your employees print their own W-2. Employees will need to log into SMARTeR to consent. 
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November 2021

SmartHR Tip: Verify calendar year end limits

If you have January 1 renewals on your deductions, this is a good time to verify the calendar limits. For example: Health Insurance, HSA or FSA deductions. 
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October 2021

SmartHR Tip: Let your employees update their Direct Deposit/W4 information on eR

The Direct Deposit page in SMART eR allows employees to view their district deposit information online. When allowed by the district, the employee can change the amounts allocated to their bank account(s) online. An electronic signature is required. Changes made will not be active until it is signed by the employee and then moved into a payroll. The W-4 page in SMART eR allows employees to view their W-4 withholding amounts online. When allowed by the district, the employee can change their...
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September 2021

Pay Check Information. Is it correct?

With the first pay check in September, it’s a great time to have your employees verify their pay stub information.  Are they seeing their new rate of pay, if it changed for FY22? Are their deductions correct? For example: Did TSA amounts change?  Are they seeing Health Insurance, if they enrolled? Are they seeing additional taxes withheld, if they put that on their W4?  
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July 2021

Are You Using Your SMART HR 2021 FYE Checklist?

Don’t forget to refer to the checklist for items you will need to complete in July.  Districts that have July health insurance renewals should be building their July ACA info rows.  It is much easier to build them in July than it is to build them later in the year!
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TRA Rate Change Update

TRA rate change is effective 7/1/2021. The employer contribution will increase annually as shown below.  The employee share will increase in 2023.
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OSHA Filing Uses Locations in SMART HR

Are you using locations correctly in SMART HR? Locations are for physical locations a.k.a buildings. A good practice would be to have your locations match the ORG codes you have in finance.  If you have created a location called Subs or Mail Out then you are using the field incorrectly.  As an alternative you could use department to flag your subs and use check location to flag your employees that need checks mailed out.
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Reminder: TRA File Submission for Payoff Payrolls

Be sure to upload your July 2021 and August 2021 payoff payroll files by July 15, 2021. You are not required to make a payment until the normal due date. This allows TRA to post the July and August payoff payroll information to the 2021 fiscal year in a timely manner.  Submit your “true” July and August payroll files as you normally would.
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June 2021

TRA Rate Change

CHECK DATE determines which TRA rate to use for the employer share.Checks dated- 7/1/2020-6/30/2021 – 8.13%Checks dated- 7/1/2021-6/30/2022 – 8.34% When you calculate your payoff payroll please review your proof to ensure the correct TRA rate is being used for the employer share.FOR CHECKS DATED JUNE the calculation should use 8.13% for employer share of TRA.FOR CHECKS DATED JULY OR AUGUST the calculation should use 8.34%.
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April 2021
News from the IRS

News from the IRS

The following are from the IRS Federal, State, and Local Government (FSLG) newsletter Taxable Fringe Benefit Essentials for Employers WebinarThe Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division would like to invite you to register to watch the free Taxable Fringe Benefit Essentials for Employers Webinar on April 14, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. (ET).This webinar is designed to explain what a fringe benefit is and how to value a fringe benefit. It will cover the most common fringe benefits and explain if those f...
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