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07 June 2021

MIIC Extract

Synergy SIS->MN->MIIC->MIIC Extract

With the most recent update that was applied, there was a new screen added for extracting the information out of Synergy to load into MIIC called MIIC Extract. This screen replaces the need for the Query that was used previously to pull the student information out of Synergy to create the list in MIIC. The Query can still be used, but the new screen allows for less errors when creating the file, as well as being much more user friendly.

MIIC Extract only needs the date you want to run it for, which will usually be the current date. You can leave the Output File Type field blank, as it defaults to the required Fixed Length. If you want it to run for only specific students, you can choose those students in the Student grid. Once you have your date entered, you can click the Create button to generate the file. The file is generated based on your focus. You will need to save the MIIC Extract file for import into MIIC.




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