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03 September 2021

Adding a Section Issue

There is an issue in Synergy, where if the District Course has a special character in the Course Title, it is causing the section to disappear when attempting to add a section to a student.
There are two different ways to work around this issue:


  1. Focus to the Section screen, and add the students there instead of on the Student screen, as the special characters do not affect this screen.


  1. Update the District Course Title. Typically we don’t recommend editing courses, because it updates everything historically as well. However, if you are simply swapping a special character with the word it stands for (ex: & / and), you can update the District Course Title to exclude the Special Character. For example, "Trigonometry & Statistics." You will want to remove the "&" sign so it looks like "Trigonometry and Statistics".

To do this, focus to the District Course with the special character – click Menu -> then Edit Course Data ->Update the name -> Save. You will then be able to add your section for the student.



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