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05 December 2023

GRD202 and GRD203 Report Card Report in Synergy

If your district uses the GRD202 or GRD203 Report Cards, you are currently impacted by an issue in which the report will not generate multiple report cards for split family households. Also, if you choose to show Parent Name for the Mailing Destination, the report is not following this setting as well. An email was sent out to impacted districts on November 9th.
To verify that your district is impacted, navigate to the GRD201 in Synergy and to the top of your screen that says GRD202: Report Card Tri Fold, or GRD203: Report Card Pressure Seal Trifold. If it says "GRD201: Report Card", you are not impacted. 
However, if your GRD201 screen looks like the below, you are impacted.

If your report card settings are to include Parent/Guardian Print Address, please include the following when running report cards:

1.  Open the Mailing Options area on the Options tab

2. Check Strict Parent Conditions

Without checking the Strict Parent Conditions checkbox, report cards will not generate multiple for split family households, and will not print Parent/Guardian names.
Please verify that your split family households are generating report cards as expected.
This issue will be resolved with the update to be applied Saturday, December 9th.



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