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2017-2018 MCCC Changes
21 July 2017

2017-2018 MCCC Changes

School sites that serve K-8 students will have an expansion of their MCCC collections. 

Starting in 17-18 you must now collect MCCC data on these additional subjects:

  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Art (including Music, Drama…)
  • PhyEd / Health combined or PE and Health separately
  • World Languages

You may already have these sections created for the upper grade levels but will probably need to add courses and sections for the lower grade levels in the K-8 environment.

If your elementary sites use Objective based report cards then you will need to work with your Principal (Curriculum Director or Teacher) to decide which item(s) on the report card will represent whether the student did not meet, partially met, met or exceeded all the standards taught in that subject area. Then call Region1 for help to properly attach the course or courses you created for the above mentioned subject areas to the specific report card item(s). 

How you code your courses and what you capture is up to you.  Work with MDE to properly code your courses and identify the report card item(s) for reporting.

A lot of coding changes have taken place.  Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Subject area 06 – World Languages is no longer valid, all these codes have moved to subject area 24
  • Subject areas 51 – 88 are no longer used starting in 2017 (areas 81-88 ended in 2015-16)
  • All of the course codes in subject areas 51, 52, 73 and 74 have been integrated into subject areas 01, 02 and 23
  • All of the Instructional methods (used on the Sections view) are now valid for all grades K-12.  MDE is still asking for the schools to pick the most accurate one for each section.

We will apply all of these new coding changes when you complete your Early Education, KG-12 2016-17 MCCC reporting.


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