The Synergy® TeacherVUE™ module is a powerful gradebook and learning management interface that’s easy to implement, inexpensive to support, saves time for teachers.

Traditional or Standards-Based Grading

Flexible, timesaving grading features and options to meet any district’s needs.
  • Traditional or standards-based report cards auto-populate from gradebook entries, saving teachers significant time.
  • Support for district, state, and Common Core standards. 
  • Flexible and customizable grading choices.
  • Quick-send progress reports.
  • Multi-language option.
  • Match board-approved report card formats.


Assignment Creation and Delivery

Easily create new assignments, deliver them to students, and receive student work online
  • Auto-create gradebook assignments when selecting elements from the curriculum bank.
  • Features such as weighting, dropping, grouping, rubrics and auto-fill simplify grading. 
  • ParentVUE™ and StudentVUE™ users can view assignments directly in the web portal or mobile application.
  • Receive completed assignments from students via Digital Dropbox.

Real-Time Data for Informed Instruction

Immediate insights into student performance help maximize teaching effectiveness.
  • Integrated achievement graphs and dashboards show real-time student data.
  • Color-coded performance bands aid identification of at-risk students and standards not yet mastered by most students.
  • Performance thresholds can be customized to meet classroom needs.
  • One-click breakout groups support differentiated instruction and intervention monitoring.


Integrated Online Assessments

Built-in classroom assessments keep teachers informed and responsive.
  • Online Assessment enables teachers to quickly create assessments to evaluate student learning.
  • Real-time assessment results & analysis helps teachers adapt their teaching on the fly to address learner needs.


Tools for Co-Teaching

Built-in tools to effectively share team teaching resources and ideas.
  • Homerooms, breakout groups, and classes can be shared between teachers.
  • Gradebook can automatically create a private group discussion Stream for the teaching team.


Collaborative Online Discussions

Social media style "Streams" support a culture of cooperation and learning.
  • Participate in discussions and mentoring via social media style conversations called "Streams."
  • Share information, guidance, and reports with other teachers, administrators, parents, and students.
  • Communicate standards-based best practices.


Classroom Management Tools

A variety of tools to streamline  teachers’ repetitive day-to-day management tasks.
  • Easy attendance reporting and lunch counts.
  • Drag-and-drop seating charts enable on-the-fly adjustments.
  • Discipline referrals and alert icons support timely behavior management.
  • Administrative tasks can be automated to make more time for students.
  • Centralized SIS database eliminates duplicate data entry.


Reports & Analysis

Flexible reports and analysis tools help educators measure student performance.
  • View, save, or print any district-enabled report (labels, birthday lists, and more).
  • Run a variety of gradebook reports for an overview of student or class performance.
  • Built-in analysis tools help teachers evaluate student achievement on standards, by course or assessment.
  • Analyze performance on district benchmarks and state exams.


Class Websites

Keep students and parents up to date on assignments and classroom happenings.
  • Class Websites enable teachers to deliver class-specific information to parents and students.
  • Create posts and add supplemental documents, resource links, and pictures.
  • Create custom topics like Announcements and Assignments to organize posts.
  • Current, ungraded assignments are automatically displayed.


Parent & Student Engagement

Increased parent and student access to student performance data, demographic information, and more.
  • Connect with parents and students via the ParentVUE and StudentVUE modules.
  • Open communication via email, ParentVUE, and StudentVUE.
  • Parents and students can see student performance data in real time.
  • Parent access to assignments, online resources, event calendar, and more.


iPad & Android Convenience

The TeacherVUE mobile application frees up teachers to move around while viewing and entering data.
  • Essential classroom tools for teachers, with tablet convenience.
  • Teachers can enter and view data as they move from room to room or building to building.
  • Immediate discipline incident referrals.
  • Easier field trip management.


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