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MARSS This Month -- January 2020
06 January 2020

MARSS This Month -- January 2020

Monthly To-Do List 

  • Please review Fall Checkoff List located on MDE here
  • Check MARSS 33 report for Child Count – ensure all students are accounted for –Fall 19/20***This is the final submission with no appeals
  • MARSS 08-Error report- Check to ensure all students are error free-Fall 19/20
  • MARSS 12- Compensatory Revenue Student Count- ensure all students are accounted for-Fall 19/20***This is the final submission with no appeals
  • MARSS 28- Economic Indicator Report- Ensure all students have status updates completed and are showing correct. -Fall 19/20
  • MARSS 23- Special Education Report- Make sure all students on IEP’s are identified -Fall 19/20
  • MARSS 24 Student Count -Fall 19/20
  • Ensure all Summer enrollments and Service hours are accounted for

Things to Know

  • MDE will continue to host their monthly webinar series called the Data SIG.  These webinars will first focus on MDE’s transition from collecting student data via MARSS WES and the Student Support Data Collections (SSDC) to both the more detailed Ancestry Ethnicity Origin form titled Ethnic and Racial Demographic Designation Form (to be used in FY 2019-20) as well as the new data collection technology called Ed-Fi. Refer to the MARSS memo dated August 20, 2018, for the description of Ed-Fi.  More information on Programs and Initiatives can be found at or information on Business and Finance at finally to stay informed or ask questions. You can register for the Data SIG here
  • Information from MDE regarding the collection of the Ancestry data
    1. You can begin using the ancestry form now or wait until the 19-20 school year begins, it’s up to your district. MDE will not collect the data until your district is on-boarded with Ed-Fi, more specifically phase two and/or the staging environment of the certification process.
    2. If a school district is not on-boarding until 20-21, they can certainly wait until they begin to collect enrollment for that school year OR roll out the form next year (19-20) and begin inputting this new data.  Thus leaving 20-21 (their on-board year) – to focus on the on-boarding of Ed-Fi.  The choice is up to them! 
    3. Also, please note the ancestry forms should be filed somewhere where it can be retrieved if the family wants to see a copy and/or update it or if the data would be audited by MDE. The cumulative folder would be fine. The form should be available for audit by MDE for at least three years after the student graduates or leaves the district, whichever is later.
    4. Next Data SIG call with MDE has not been set yet, you can register online at MDE, once they have set a date and time.
    5. We are still working on a date for the Ed-Fi webinar for 19/20 onboarding districts that we rescheduled from September 19th from 2-4pm. I will send out communications as soon as we have rescheduled. If you need information regarding this please contact us at

MDE has released the most recent ADM Timelines for Student Data for the Calendar Year 2019 (3/14/19) which can be found at link provided below: