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MARSS Manual Updates
04 May 2018

MARSS Manual Updates

**Note that MDE has been posting updated MARSS coding instruction.  The Data Elements have been posted and the procedures and appendices are updated as possible.  Always refer to these updates as your first resource when researching questions.  Also, there are many “new” guidelines that have been included which may change how you have become accustomed to reporting these components in the past.**   
Data Elements updated in the new manual:
*Changes or updates to reporting procedures have been added to the following data elements, I encourage you to review the new manual for any element below before you report it to MDE. 

  • Economic Indicator
  • English Learners
  • English Learner Start Date
  • Gender
  • Homebound Service Indicator
  • Homeless Student Flag
  • Instructional Days
  • Instructional Setting
  • Length of school day in Minutes
  • Membership Days
  • Percent Enrolled
  • Primary Disability
  • PSEO Concurrent
  • PSEO High School Hours
  • School Grade Level
  • School Number
  • Special Education Evaluation Status
  • State Aid Category
  • Status End Date
  • Status End
  • Status Start Date
  • Student Grade Level  

* There are also training documents devoted to specific data elements or reporting guidelines available on MDE’s website.

  • Reporting Part Time Students
  • Homelessness
  • Comprehensive Online Learning
  • Transportation
  • SAAP’s
  • Local and EOY Reports
  • VPK
  • Homebound