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MARSS Files Due
09 November 2018

MARSS Files Due

MARSS EOY 2018 Files Due to R1: 

  • MON, Oct 22 through Thur, Nov 15 = Electronic Appeals only
    The final file submissions for EOY FY 2018 are due Wednesday October 17, 2018 to MDE. The EOY FY 2018 electronic appeal file will open Monday October 22, 2018, and will be available through 3 p.m. Thursday November 15, 2018.  During the appeal window, files that cause a statewide cross-district error will not be loaded until the record causing the error is corrected, inactivated by causing it to error locally or removed from the file. (Records with local errors are not edited against other records.) Districts and charter schools must negotiate among themselves to correct these errors. Causing a local error is used only to correct cross-district errors in a dead-lock situation. MDE will not make corrections to data that is not involved in a documented and appealed fatal error.

MARSS Fall 2019 Files Due to R1:

  • Thur Nov 1 = Optional. Preliminary FY 2020 Comp Rev
  • Thur Dec 13 = Child Count, Preliminary FY 2020 Comp Rev
  • Thur Dec 27 = Final Submission for Child Count, FY 2020 Final Comp Rev, Tuition Billing  **No changes after this date/no appeal process for fall data.