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Stressed? Quick tips to overcome deadline anxiety
12 April 2017

Stressed? Quick tips to overcome deadline anxiety

The end of the traditional school year is only a couple months away, and now is the time to start preparing. So while everyone else is rushing to finish their projects to leave for the summer, you will have less to worry about. 
In just days, the EOY errors will be activated so be aware that new errors will appear in your MARSS data, even though you were already error free.
Quick tips to help you prepare for the May MARSS deadline: 

  • Carve out time to work on MARSS reporting ** Accurate and timely reporting of your MARSS data has a significant direct financial impact to your district. 
  • Become familiar with the updated Region I MARSS Support Services MARSS process, there are some notable changes you should be aware of.  You may request a copy from Dawnyell.
  • Enter Special Education Service Hours for any student receiving services. If you have received the appropriate hours, enter that data, otherwise enter a ‘1’ as this value will generate a warning so you know to correct this value later.  If the student is 999% enrolled, and your student system does not automatically calculate a value for attendance/membership, you should enter a value of ‘1’ in these fields as well.  By August, the warnings (number 361/362) generated due to utilizing the value ‘1’ should be eliminated and accurate hours should be reported. 
  • Ensure that you have entered your PS records. 
  • You have completed the school setup for reporting your ESY students.  MDE has determined that, although it is not a state mandate, tuition billing is more accurate for serving and resident districts when the district has and reports students and finances under a dedicated ESY site with a classification of 51. 
  • Be aware that there are several upcoming deadlines for EDRS.  To assure the entitlements are being calculated using the most accurate estimates, the business office and MARSS Coordinator must work together so that MDE has accurate ADM estimates.