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07 May 2021

Revenue Budgeting for FY22: New Revenue Projection Model Available

A revised FY22 Revenue Projection Model is available on MDE’s website that is using a new FY22 Whatif incorporated in the Report tab.  Use this this link to get the new FY22 Revenue Projection Model:

The Whatif will be updated later this spring after the legislature makes any funding changes.  If you would like assistance working on next year’s revenue budget, send Stacy, Kameron, or Wayne your FY22 pupil estimates.  We will use those pupil estimates to create a revenue budget using the Budget Workpapers in SMART Finance.

Please note the following when using the FY22 Revenue Projection model:

  • On the Report tab, if you want to change the formula amount in cell E11 from 6567, enter your guestimate here.  For example, if you would like a 1% increase, enter 6633 in this cell.
  • On the User Inputs tab, enter FY21 IDEAS data on rows 41-60 until FY22 data is available.
  • On the User Inputs tab, if you answer ‘No’ to the question on line 15 ‘Do you want to use the SPED Aid Tab to populate the model’, the special ed revenue estimate will be from FY21.
  • On the GenEd tab, click in cell F8 and use the drop down menu to select ‘From Report Tab’ if it is not already selected.

We recommend copying the FY21 revenue budget to FY22 as a starting point.  Zero the one time FY21 Covid revenue accounts and add any new FY22 Covid funding accounts needed.


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