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MARSS Percent 998 and 999 SYNERGY
09 July 2018

MARSS Percent 998 and 999 SYNERGY

For students that have a schedule, and their percent of enrollment is 998 or 999, you can have attendance/membership hours
calculated automatically, if the school that they are enrolled in has a bell schedule defined (with period start/end times),
and attached to the school calendar. 

The sections the student is enrolled in must have the attendance option include in attendance selected.  If sections are
marked as Independent Study, then these sections will be excluded from calculations.

The hours will be calculated during the MARSS extract and will be added to any amount that already exists on the
enrollment record in the attendance / membership fields.

Students that must use 999 are your EC, ALC/ALP, and Targeted Service students (sometimes the ALC/ALP will have
a 998 if the students attend these schools during the normal school day and are also enrolled in the traditional school).
Great care must be taken when creating sections, assigning periods, and assigning times to the bell schedule for students
that have the 999 and 998 percent of enrollment.  Now that we are assigning sections to EC students for MCCC reasons
we recommend that attendance not be taken on these sections so as to not over report attendance and membership hours
for these students.

The students start and leave dates on their sections, along with enter and leave dates on their enrollment records, and the
date range used on the MARSS extract, will affect the calculations. 

Membership hours will always round up to the nearest whole number, and attendance will round up to the nearest tenth.
There are no system reports that can be run to proof the calculated totals.The MARSS extract B file can be brought into
Excel for examination and analysis.



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