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06 February 2019

Synergy Tip of the Month

Digging into the past, I found this tip which is still valid in the day-to- day work in a school, for the times when we want to find students who have data in a specific field (this will not work in a date field, or a field that has a drop down table).

By using a % symbol in a field when in Find mode, it will return a listing of records with non-null values in this field.  Example: I want to find all courses that are coded for Carl Perkins. My screen shot looks like this along with my results.  If you look closely, you will see I added an asterisk in two additional fields to get the values along with the Program code.

Here is another example: I want to find all courses that are tied to a college code, and I want to display the college course code along with the college code. So using the District Course view / Description tab, I enter a % in the College Code field, and an asterisk in the College Course Code and College Course Title fields, and when I click "Find," it gives me a listing of my courses with the college information.



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