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 CRDC - Civil Rights Data Collection
08 February 2019

CRDC - Civil Rights Data Collection

You can begin to collect your data and start to populate the screens associated with this reporting. You will be using the Federal folder within the Synergy tree to populate these views while focused to the 17-18 school year (this is a Major Change).

You have four different views within the Federal folder of the Synergy tree. These views with a brief description follow:

  1. Civil Rights Data Collection – Import School Values
    1. This screen allows a district to control which fields in the list that they will let Synergy calculate. This happens when the "Calculate from Synergy" check box is checked.
    2. When the "Calculate from Synergy" check box is not checked, the user can import these values, or choose to manually enter them on the screen.  Please note that items on lines 25-42 can only be imported or manually entered as this data is not stored anywhere within Synergy.
  2. CRDC Setup view
    1. This screen is where the setup and rules are that are needed for Synergy to calculate the following items:
      1. Student Options – grade values used for various grade levels
      2. Student Discipline Options – which codes are used for various questions
      3. Staff Reporting Options – how to calculate various groups of staff based on FTE settings
      4. Block Scheduling Options – Used for schools that use block scheduling
      5. Additional Options – handles the visibility of the questions CRDC asks
    2. This screen also gives the user the ability to quickly code their courses for Subject Area and Course Code, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses, Dual Credit courses and lastly Distance Learning Courses
  3. Civil Rights Data Collection – LEA view
    1. This view has multiple tabs that allow for the collection across the district.
      1. District Status tab has Fall Snapshot date, Options to Recalculate Schools, various School Options and the ability to decide what sections to extract.
      2. Students, Schools and Programs tab will allow you to answer questions concerning the following areas:
        1. Pre-School Programs
        2. Pre-School Eligibility-Student Groups
        3. Pre-School services
        4. Non-IDEA children programs
        5. Number of Pre-School Children by age – calculated field
        6. Kindergarten Program Indicator
        7. Kindergarten Daily Length and Cost questions
    2. Civil Rights Coordinator and Desegregation Plan tab has questions about Title IX, Title VI and Title II.
    3. Harassment and Bullying tab has one question: Does your district (LEA) have a written policy or policies prohibiting discriminatory harassment or bullying on the basis of sex, race/color/national origin and disability?
    4. Distance Education tab has one question: Does the District have any students enrolled in any distance educational courses?
    5. High School Equivalency Exam tab will ask: Does the District provide 1 or more high school equivalency exam preparation programs for students ages 16-19?

Civil Rights Data Collection – School view is completed for each site that will report CRDC data. This screen has twelve tabs that cover multiple areas within a school. School setup, School Characteristics, School Enrollments, AP/IB Courses, Staff FTE counts, Student Retentions, Single Sex Interscholastic Athletics, Student Discipline, Student Offenses, School Expenditures, Justice Facility Information and Internet Access. This screen also has two buttons which help the user to see if all Mandatory Fields have been answered and a button to Calculate Totals for the school.


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