As you do the significant person-to-person work of helping students learn, grow, and mature into confident and capable graduates, Synergy® Education Platform provides real-time insights and tools to support your efforts. Synergy helps you understand and respond to the needs of your students, classes, schools, and district in an effective and timely manner and communicate with everyone who has a stake in each student’s education.

Get a Wraparound View of Every Student

Take a quick look through the student profile for any student to get a 360° view with key data from throughout Synergy.

  • Gradebook Detail
  • Discipline History
  • Communication History
  • Attendance
  • Test History
  • Course History
  • Student Schedule
  • Student Groups
  • Health & Immunizations
  • Student Portfolio
  • Demographics
  • Transcript
  • Parent Info & Emergency Contacts
  • Enrollment History
  • MTSS Detail
  • Progress Toward Graduation

Pinpoint Student Learning Needs

Leverage real-time data to better understand what each student needs in terms instruction, intervention, or behavioral supports. With these insights, all stakeholders can use time, resources, and dollars more efficiently and effectively to support students and facilitate learning.

  • Early Warning System
  • Alerts
  • Assessment
  • Performance Analysis
  • Reports


Respond to the Individual Needs of Every Student

 Synergy provides a range of tools for addressing student needs and meeting each student where they are on their K-12 journey.

  • Teachers & Other School or District Users
    • Interventions
    • Check-In/Check-Out(CICO)
    • Incidents
    • Accommodations
    • Student Feedback
    • Discussion Streams
  • Teachers
    • Breakout Groups
    • Co-Teaching
    • Flex Scheduling
    • Behavior Points
    • Observations
    • IEP Access
    • Workload Management
  • School Administrators
    • Assigned Students
  • Designated System Administrators
    • Custom Registration Pathways

Set Students Up to Succeed

With the StudentVUE web and mobile portals, students have all the information and resources they need in one place to support agency and accountability.

  • Real-Time Scores, Grades & More
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access to Learning Resources
  • Google Integration
  • Communication Tools
  • Course Recommendations & Requests
  • Assessment Accommodations & Feedback


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