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MARSS Reporting of Students Experiencing Homelessness and Economic Indicator
22 January 2018

MARSS Reporting of Students Experiencing Homelessness and Economic Indicator

The homeless liaison is important to the MARSS coordinator because he/she provides the necessary documentation for students experiencing homelessness. These students are categorically eligible to report as free meal – Economic Indicator 2 – and are eligible for Title I services. The students should be flagged as Homeless in the MARSS file. Without the written, signed and dated documentation, a student cannot be flagged as homeless in MARSS.
Economic Indicator
For MARSS reporting, a student identified as homeless is categorically eligible to be reported as “free” in the Economic Indicator data item. Homeless students remain eligible for free meals for the duration of the current school year, regardless of where they are living, due to yearlong eligibility. Please see Eligibility Manual for School Meals Determining and Verifying Eligibility for more information.
For compensatory revenue calculations and for the student to be reported as free meal eligible, current year verifications must be signed and processed by the homeless liaison between July 1 and December 15. The district has until the final fall MARSS deadline to include the information indicating that the student is eligible for a free meal. Districts should be sure to report the highest eligibility on the student’s record that spans October 1.