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06 February 2018

Summer Term for State-Approved Alternative Programs

Following are a few tips regarding summer learning programs funded through state-approved alternative programs (SAAPs), including Area Learning Centers (ALCs) and Targeted Services. 

  • All summer learning programs that occur in June after the last day of the 2016-17 school year are part of and reported under FY 2018.
  • Students entering kindergarten in the fall are eligible only if they are current kindergarten students who did not successfully complete kindergarten in FY 2016.
  • Students must be enrolled in a Minnesota public school as public school students to be eligible to generate membership in a Targeted Services program. Nonpublic school students are ineligible to generate membership at any time of the school year in a Targeted Services program because they must be participating in core academics or receiving special education services to generate shared time aid.
  • Ninth grade students are nearly always part of the ALC program, not the Targeted Services program.  There are two exceptions to this:
    • Students who have officially failed eighth grade; and,
    • Students in districts where ninth grade is not a credit-bearing year for high school graduation.

Districts with residential facilities (e.g., care and treatment, correctional facilities, jails), located in their district are responsible for the instructional program for students placed in the facility. Refer to Minnesota Statutes, section 125A.515. Students are eligible for the same summer school program to which other students enrolled in the district have access. The resident district is responsible for the instructional costs incurred in the summer for students placed for residential care and treatment who are not performing at grade level. These summer school enrollment records are not reported on MARSS even if the ALC is providing the instruction. ALCs are choice programs but are in a unique position to offer instruction to students placed for care and treatment. However, only the core school year, seat-based instruction provided to students placed for care and treatment is reported on MARSS.
According to statute, districts must implement a separate recordkeeping system for students in any type of SAAP and maintain a valid Continual Learning Plan (CLP) for each participant. The CLP must be developed annually, be signed and dated by the student, parent, teacher, and any other staff who participated in developing the CLP. Refer to Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.128, subdivisions 2 and 3, for more information on the requirements of the recordkeeping system and CLP.
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