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So Now What Does MARSS Want?
10 July 2018

So Now What Does MARSS Want?

Between the chaos of school years, be sure to take a moment now to thoroughly analyze and question the EOY data reported.  Once you’ve ensured the data accuracy for the 17/18 school year (so that financial calculation may provide improved results), you’ll only need to upload again if any changes are made to the final data. This will free up time for you to focus on a relaxing vacation, without the weight of a cumbersome project on your shoulders. Not only will you return refreshed and prepared for the upcoming school year, you'll also be one giant leap ahead. 

 So…how do you achieve this?  Start by completing the below checklist before the August submission (July 26th for us) 

  • Review District/School Average Daily Membership (ADM) Report
  • Enter Special Education Service Hours for all students for whom they are required
  • Share the local MARSS 11 List of Graduates with counselors
  • Share the statewide MARSS 42 EOY Checkoff Comparison with Business Managers
  • Review Postsecondary Enrollment Reports and Concurrent Reports
  • Update ADM Estimates for FY 2018-19
  •  Request the special education service hours for early childhood students and enter hours in database
  • Compile data for the Pupil Transportation Annual Report
  • Share the End-of-Year Checkoff Comparison Report for FY 2017-18 with the business managers
  • Start using the FY 2018-19 Application for Educational Benefits
  • Review District/School ADM Report
  • Check MDE calendar for upcoming webinars 

After the August submission’s resulting reports print, you can look at these last few steps to finalize. If everything else has been completed, it won't take long. 

  • Update ADM estimates for FY 2020 and FY 2021 for the levy report
  • Share the statewide MARSS 42 EOY Checkoff Comparison with Business Managers
  • Pupil Transportation Annual Report due August 15
  • Review District/School ADM Report