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District School ADM
21 July 2017

District School ADM

This data is used to compute each district’s final aid entitlements: August and September MARSS files are used to compute the ADM (average daily membership) used for independent school district’s September 30 and October 30 entitlements, respectively. These actual ADM and the aid to which the district or school is entitled is compared to the aid paid to the district or charter school during the school year based on the district’s or charter school’s ADM estimates provided earlier in the school year.

Districts and charter schools are responsible for verifying the accuracy of these data during the summer and fall reporting season for year-end MARSS data by comparing these ADM figures with reports produced locally. School staff should ensure that all students have been included in the MARSS file, errors identified in the MARSS WES (Web Edit System) are corrected and new files resubmitted within the established reporting timelines.

MARSS enrollment records with local errors and/or date overlap errors are excluded from this report. Do not wait until after the final submission or the final report is posted to start editing the data. Year-end financial auditors will request a copy of the district or charter school’s most current version of the report to estimate final entitlements.

Pupil units displayed on this report can differ within this report and/or as compared to locally produced reports due to rounding. The official pupil units that are used for payment purposes are calculated when the ADM on this report is summarized and moved into the pupil unit database at the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).

The “Verifying ADM Data on the District/School ADM Report Checklist” will be sent with our July 27 deadline reminder, but it is never too early to start confirming your student data.