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MARSS Files Due
02 August 2018

MARSS Files Due

MARSS EOY 2018 Files Due to R1: 

  • Thur, Aug 30 = Used for: September 30 and October 30 FY 2018 entitlements; Special Education tuition billing
  • Thur, Oct 11 = Final data due. ONLY electronic appeal Web Files will be accepted after this date.

MARSS Fall 2019 Files Due to R1:

  • Wed Aug 15 = MARSS WES opens
  • Thur, Sept 20 = Mandatory for all Schools – (1st files usually need a lot of work so be prepared)

What's Next?
EOY = Now is the best time to finalize 17/18 data so you can focus on the 18/19 school year.  So, if you have confirmed the accuracy of reports, special ed service hours, ADM and ensure there were no large differences on the MARSS 42 EOY Checkoff Comparison.  You may only need to make occasional small changes to update data, but hopefully everything is accurate so you will not need to submit files again for EOY (remember you only submit new files when changes have been made to your existing data by you or another staff). 
Fall = In preparation for the upcoming year, make sure you have completed all necessary school setup. If your school file extracts the correct data, you can avoid receiving an error on every student that is impacted by that specific school data element.  It would be best to get all July/August ESY data entered to avoid potential error messages later when attempting to back log them.  Be prepared for your DAC to request the MARSS files be uploaded as MARSS WES Fall opens Aug 15.  MARSS data for the 18/19 school year must be submitted in order for district staff to access student testing history in Student Assessment History Report for instructional and placement decisions.