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MARSS Files Due
05 March 2019

MARSS Files Due

MARSS EOY 2019 Files Due to R1:
Data files can be submitted any time beginning January 14, 2019, for assessment precode files. Statewide Testing sends precode files nightly to assessment vendors throughout the school year; these precode files are also used on specified dates communicated in the Assessment Update for specific tasks, test materials shipments etc. 

  • Thur, Mar 21 = Mandatory for Charter Schools, Optional for Districts >> Used to verify Average Daily Membership (ADM) Projections
  • Mon, Apr 1, 2019 = All EOY Errors Activated on the Local Edit. 

MDE will run the statewide edit between the required MARSS submissions. Data that is on file at that time will be included in the updated statewide reports. The first statewide reports to be posted April 11, 2019. 

  • Thur, Apr 25 = Mandatory for ALL District and Charter School >> Used to identify date overlaps.

The data from the MARSS EOY Reporting Cycle will be used for the following items, MARSS does not publish the date these programs may draw from MARSS data. 

  • General Education Revenue
  • Shared Time Aid
  • Contract Alternative
  • Extended Time Review
  • Sparcity
  • EL Aid
  • Charter School Levy Aid
  • VPK/SR+ Eligible general compensation