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MARSS Files Due
03 May 2019

MARSS Files Due

MARSS EOY 2019 Files Due to R1: 
Thursday May 30th, 2019 - MANDATORY

Monthly To-Do List (June)

  • Verify that the correct instructional days and length of day have been reported for each school and grade.
  • Verify attendance and membership data for all students. This data will be used for the ESSA consistent attendance calculations.
  • Enter special education service hours.
  • Correct the errors for students with more than one Status End code of 08 (graduate) or 40 (end-of-Year).
  • The following reports have been posted to Secure Reports:
  • MARSS 29 Low ADM
  • MARSS 30 Statewide Error Report -- date overlap errors only
  • MARSS 31 Residents Served Elsewhere
  • MARSS 32 EL Eligibility Report
  • MARSS 35 ADM Adjustment
  • MARSS 46 OLL Errors
  • MARSS 53 OLL Students
  • MARSS 56 PSEO Comparison
  • MARSS 63 SAAP Student Detail for Year End Billing