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05 March 2018

MARSS Reporting Update Effective Immediately

Out of state care and treatment required reporting change:
All EOY18 files, if a student leaves the state to attend care and treatment, the end code should be 05.  The resident district then will report this student with SAC 14 at 100% enrolled until the time care and treatment ends. Then: 

  • If the student then returns to the open enrolled district, they will SAC 01, LLA accordingly on the first active school day that the student receives services.
  • If the student returns to the resident district, they will SAC 00, LLA accordingly on the first active school day the student receives services.
  • If the student does not return to school after leaving out of state care and treatment, the resident district will end the out of state record with the appropriate dropout code.

 The Fall18 files cannot be changed.
PSEO Courses According to Agreement reporting change:
For District Paid Tuition - Course Provided at Postsecondary Campus or Courses Provided via Online Learning (Student Physically Located off High School Campus) should now be marked PSEO Concurrent = N as well as PSEO Indicator  = N and PSEO HS Hours = 0
This is an optional reporting change for K-12 Evaluation: 
Enrolled students K-12  may now have the initial evaluation only reported, if the district chooses to track this information. 
To do so, the currently enrolled student will be inactivated with end code of 99 or 50.  The next active school day, the student will be reenrolled with SEES of 2, this record will still reported as 100% enrolled with their current schedule during the time of the evaluation. 
If the student qualifies for services, inactivate the ‘SEES 2’ record on the last active school day before services begin under the signed IEP,  the end code of this record will be 50.  Reactivate the student on the day services begin and create a new enrollment record with SEES 4, 6, or 9 ensuring to include a Primary Disability and Instructional Setting. 
However, if the student does NOT qualify for services, continue to report the student with a SEES of 2 through the end of the school year.  If a new record must be created for another reason, then change the SEES to 1 on this new record.