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MN State Reporting This Month -- May 2022
09 May 2022

MN State Reporting This Month -- May 2022

MARSS Deadlines

EOY:  The reporting window is now open.

Thursday, May 19th:  Optional Statewide edit. New statewide reports will be posted.

Local auditors use the statewide reports. Used for Special Education tuition billing, ESEA Accountability Enrollment, Direct Certification for FY 2022

Thursday, June 2nd: Files due to RMIC
Thursday, June 9th: Filed due to MDE



  • Reporting Year 2021-22 opens Monday, April 4, 2022 and will close Friday, December 9, 2022.
  • Documentation on how to report Direct Pay PSEO courses is being worked on and will be posted as soon as it’s available on the Synergy Help screen under State Reporting.
  • MCCC is currently being programmed to report through Ed-Fi. Once MDE certifies the process, as well as the data being sent by Edupoint, training will be offered, however there is no current ETA for training at this time.

Things to Know

  • Ed-Fi  Update
  1. The April 5th Ed-Fi webinar hosted by Becky is now posted on the Synergy Help screen under State Reporting > Minnesota > Ed-Fi in Synergy webinar. You will also find new Ed-Fi documents posted in the same area.
  2. You will now start seeing new MCCC elements for Ed-Fi. MDE is not doing any validations at this time so once all of the MCCC elements are released by Edupoint, Becky will host another training. Communication will be sent out when this is available.
  3. When working on your comparison report be sure to do a MARSS upload so you have current data to work with. If Region 1 uploads your files, please email and let us know when your files are on the FTP site. If you let us know that they are for your comparison report, no release will need to be signed. That being said, please make sure you submit clean files before the deadline, or MDE will take previous uploads. There is no way for us to tell MDE that one upload is for comparison, and one upload is for the deadline.   
  4. Early Education is now a part of Ed-Fi; use the Childhood Program Participation screen to enter this information. For instructions on how to enter it, watch the “Ed-Fi in Synergy” Training webinar posted on the Help screen under State Reporting > Minnesota > Ed-Fi Synergy Webinar.

If you are needing assistance with how to run a comparison report, or how to run your Ed-Fi data through MARSS WES please reach out to Tara Chapa. She has been hosting one-on-ones with districts to go through these processes.