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05 March 2020

Serve By Group

This option is for serving meals to a group of students that have been assigned to a special user-defined Serving Group.
A Serving Group can be created for any group of students who are usually served at the same time.

  • Groups can include visiting students from other sites.

Examples:If students who ride the same bus all eat breakfast at the same time, you could put them in a group based on bus routes. If all the students in grades PK and KI eat lunch together, they could be in a group based on lunch period.  


  • Select Serving DateMeal Type, and Quick Serve Item, if desired.
    •  If a Quick Serve Item is not selected, a warning message will appear:

  • Click Yes to continue or No to cancel.
  • When you select a Serving Site, you will get a list of the Categories for that site.
  • Select a Serving Group Category and click Continue.
  • On the next screen, you will get a dropdown list that shows the serving groups that have students assigned to them.
  • Select a Group to display the students on the screen.

The serving process is the same as described under Serve By Teacher. Please refer to that section for details.


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