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11 November 2016

Verification Results Input

When the information is received back from the selected households, enter it under Results Input.

  When can I enter the verification results?

  • You can either enter results for one application at a time as soon as you get the information back,or you can wait and enter all results at the same time.

  •  However, Results letters for adverse changes will give a grace period (from the MBE setup)  notification from the day the results are entered.
    •  The adverse change period is set up in Administration: Meal Benefit Expiration.  For the examples in this document, this was set to 10, per the USDA standard.  However, the user can enter their desired period amount.
  •   Therefore, you should always print the Verification Results Letters on the same day you enter the results information to avoid any potential delays associated with the entered grace period from the MBE setup. 



You will see a list of all the households that were selected. If any results have already been entered, the results will show under Verification Status.

  • Double-click the application you want to work on.

  • You will get a Preview screen with special buttons at the bottom for entering verification results:



  • Be sure any case numbers listed are correct. Remove them if not verified.

  • Check all students’ income and frequency.


  • Check all income and frequency.


  • Check all members’ income and frequency.

o If no members were added previously, this screen will be skipped.  To add members during Results Input, click to the final screen and click Prev to navigate to the Members screen.

  • When you Save on the final screen, it will re-evaluate the application and determine the verification results.


  • Click  if you need to make changes to the application. It will take you through all the input screens. Check all students, head of household and all members to ensure their information is correct. Verify you have the required documents such as paycheck stubs to verify all income.

NOTE: If there is a pending status change on the application, you will need to use the Modify option.

  • Click if the household responded but did not provide all the required information. You can use the Notes button to document what is missing (i.e., paycheck stub not provided).

  • Click if they did not respond at all to verification.

  • Click if the household has indicated that they no longer wish to participate in the Free and Reduced lunch program.

  • < > if the student was directly verified, which means that eligibility was confirmed through agency records.
  • Direct verification is only to verify the information on the application and cannot be used to change status.
  • Click if everything on the original application was verified as correct.

Verification Results and Effective Dates

  • No Change is the result code if you click Verify No Change or if you modify and the resulting status is the same as it was when selected.

  • Increased Benefits indicates that an application was modified and there is a positive change due to income or categorical eligibility.  These changes are effective immediately.

  • Decreased Benefits includes Free to Reduced, Denied Over Income, Denied No Longer in Category, Denied as Incomplete, Household Declined and Denied as No Response. These changes will get a grace period (from the MBE setup) notice (from the day results are entered) before the change is effective.

Special Situations

  • Withdrawn, No Letter Sent will only display if all the students in a selected household withdrew before verification was completed. No results letter is sent. On the verification summary, they will be listed as No Response. 

  • Mixed results: Since the SFA Verification Summary reports only one result per application, each verified application verified is assigned only one Verification Results code even though it is a mixed application. A mixed application is defined as having at least one verifiable student (Income or Categorical/not Direct Certified), as well as a student that is not verifiable (DC foster, HMR or HeadStart). If a mixed application is selected for verification and the verifiable student has an adverse change, the Verification Status will be based on that student’s status change. However, the non-verifiable student’s individual status will not be changed.

  • Changing Results Input: If an error is made in entering results information, you can correct it and send a new verification results letter as long as verification has not been Closed. After verification is Closed, any further changes will need to be made under Manage Application and will not update the verification results.

Once Results Input have been viewed and printed, you can continue to Results Letters.


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