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05 March 2020

How to Use Auto Serve

Auto Serve is designed to automatically record transactions for a single meal item with limited input from the cashier.

This feature is used with barcode readers or other input devices. Both queuing and non-queuing devices are supported

It is available on the Breakfast/ Lunch serving screen (including offline mode).

  • Quick Serve Item is required.
    • It would usually be a reimbursable meal but can be any meal item.
  • No cash is involved with Auto Serve.
    • All transactions are processed as F11 (Account) using prepay balances and charges.
    • If a payment needs to be entered you can interrupt Auto Serve temporarily and use the regular serving screen.


  • When logging into the B/L Serving screen, select a Quick Serve Item.
    • If Auto Serve is OFF, click or touch the button to turn it ON.
  • Auto Serve Delay is shown whenever Auto Serve is ON. It sets the length of the pause between transactions. It defaults to whatever it was previously set for but can be changed.
  • Touch Screen can be ON or OFF.


  • Click Continue to open the Serving screen.
    • It will display a window that looks like the Student Info section of the regular serving screen.
  • As Serving Numbers are entered into the queue, it will automatically process transactions sequentially as long as no errors occur.
    • To enter Serving Numbers with a keypad device, type the number and then press Enter.
  • You will see the NOW SERVING window as transactions are being processed.
    • If an error occurs or if the transaction requires special handling, it gives an error message and takes you back to the regular serving screen. Click OK on the error message to open the regular serving screen.
    • Handle the error as you normally would. Examples of error messages: Charges not allows or limit exceeded, Special Message that requires cashier confirmation, Student already bought type 1 meal today.
    • When you finish the transaction or clear the screen it will automatically go back to Auto Serve.

  • Click STOP at any time to interrupt Auto Serve and go to the regular serving screen temporarily. This will allow you to Review, Void or take payments.
    • It will return to Auto Serve as soon as you complete a transaction (with the Cash or Account button) or clear the screen.


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