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Reporting SAC 98
04 October 2017

Reporting SAC 98

If your student ended the previous school year with end code 40 (student enrolled on last day of school), but during the summer months the student left and will not be reported by another MN public school (as they would if you used end codes 02, 04 or 20), you will need to report the student to MDE with the appropriate end code so your districts graduation rates can be adjusted accordingly. 
To do this, you may inactivate the student with an end date of the first day of school and enter the appropriate end code indicating why the student did not return.  You will also need to ensure that you have changed the SAC for this student to 98-Summer Leaver.  If your student program creates a day of membership for this, MDE will eliminate the membership based on the SAC 98.

Note:  Include as SAC 98 any student that graduated (Status End 08) during a summer school program that is not reported on MARSS, e.g., traditional summer school, or passed a required assessment during the summer. This would exclude students enrolled in the summer term of a state-approved alternative program like an area learning center (ALC).     

If the student is being reported by another MN public school, then it is not necessary to report the student with SAC 98.
Inaccurately reporting this data can impact your district Graduation Rates.