2017 Business Conference Keynote Speaker

Here in 1999 & 2005, back again in 2017 by popular demand, we welcome Deadra Stanton as our Keynote Speaker Thursday morning!

Deadra Stanton will make you laugh until you cry.  Her message of humor and inspiration has been enjoyed by thousands of people across the United States.  As she shares her stories of "life lessons", she will inspire you to enjoy life, laugh at life's situations and most of all...."Don't Shoot Skinny Rabbits".

Deadra Stanton, owner and presenter for her company Creative Communications, has been a teacher of English, Speech, and Theatre for over 31 years.  She is an honor graduate of Mankato State University in Mankato, Minnesota and recently earned her Master’s in Education from 
St. Mary’s University.  With majors in Speech Communications, Theatre Arts, and Business Administration, she brings a diverse background to the podium.