Application and Data Hosting

Region 1 currently provides application and data hosting services for over 150 school districts and entities!

Applications include:

Data Maintenance and Backups

Our staff is proficient in MS-SQL and is dedicated to making sure your data is optimized for performance and routinely backed up for disaster recovery.

Application Maintenance and Updates

We routinely beta test software releases before applying them in our production environment. We plan production updates during off-peak hours and give advance notice so you and your users experience minimal down-time.

Data Integration

Here at Region 1, we believe in the philosophy, "Work smarter, not harder." We are always looking for efficient ways to maximize your time and make your job easier. Data Integration is one of those ways. Region 1 has multiple processes to share your data securely between your applications. A new student is enrolled in your student software? Our process transfers that student demographic info to the food service within minutes for your food service staff. Need that same student info loaded to your library software and instant alert system? We have you covered. These are only a couple examples of the many processes we maintain and develop.

Data Security

Data Security is our #1 priority. Region 1 goes to great lengths to make sure your data is safely secured at all times. We deploy SSL Certificates from DigiCert to provide the strongest encryption available, using 2048-bit and SHA-2.