The SIS is the data workhorse of your school district, so it’s critical that it provides comprehensive functionality to the school staff it serves. But equally important is the system’s configurability and usability, to ensure that data is not only managed effectively, but that it also streamlines processes, saves time, promotes communication, and informs decisions.

Key Features



School Office Administration

Synergy® enables efficient management of all aspects of student data. With online registration, address and boundary validation, concurrent enrollments, and intra/inter-district transfers, student enrollment data is always accurate.
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Customizable Dashboards

Customizable widgets give Synergy® users the power to create at-a-glance dashboard views of key performance indicators. A variety of widget types enable users not only to query and visualize from within Synergy SIS or external databases, but also to mix in helpful outside information like weather and traffic updates or RSS feeds. More >>

Collaboration Tools

The Streams Collaboration Tool enables users to engage in conversations, or “Streams,” within the Synergy Education Platform. Streams are easy-to-use discussion flows with an intuitive social media-type interface. More >>

Flexible Workflow

Synergy® Technology makes it easy for districts to define custom workflows for virtually any procedure. Simply select a series of steps and screens using a built-in visual editor, and then add questions, decisions points, and optional external steps (e.g., meetings or reports). More >>

Robust Visual Scheduling

Synergy's comprehensive scheduling components satisfy even the most unique scheduling requirements, easily supporting teams and blocks, multi-day rotations, and planning periods. More >>

Student Performance Analysis

Synergy's TeacherVUE™ Gradebook provides several ways of analyzing student performance, in real time, to inform instruction. More >>

Mobile Apps for Every User Type

Synergy® mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices enable teachers, parents, students, and school staff to access information and get things done wherever and whenever it's convenient. More >>

Powerful Query & Reporting

Built-in query and reporting tools help make Synergy® SIS data easy to access, and transforms your data from simple information to insight to support informed decisions. (325+ Standard Reports) More >>

Online Registration

The Synergy® Online Registration module makes registration easier for parents, eliminates costly printed packets, increases speed and efficiency, and frees up busy staff for other tasks. More >>

Traditional or Standards-Based Gradebook

Synergy® SIS enables districts to implement traditional or standards-based gradebooks for teachers with support for district, state, and Common Core Standards. More >>

Online Assessment

Synergy® Assessment enables educators to easily build, manage, and deliver formative classroom assessments online. More >>

Streamlined State Reporting

Edupoint's Synergy® SIS was developed in partnership with school districts across the country to meet their robust student data management and state reporting requirements. Our team of state reporting experts works closely with State Departments of Education to stay ahead of the unique and constantly evolving regulatory reporting requirements of each state. More >>

Flexible & Customizable to Match District Neends

Synergy® SIS is extremely flexible and features countless customization options to support district needs. More >>

Student Records Exchange

The Synergy Student Records Exchange process dramatically simplifies student transfers from outside your district by facilitating communication and record transfer between districts. More >>

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