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State Aid Category 97
10 November 2017

State Aid Category 97

MDE re-instituted state aid category 97 to handle students who were displaced by a natural disaster.

Code 97 should be used for students who were forced to leave their homes and states when the hurricanes hit Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

The following excerpt was from Marilynn Loehr on 10/09/17:

Students and families who have recently lost their housing due to damage caused by any of the Hurricanes from fall FY2017 and subsequent flooding meet the homeless definition. Students that relocate to Minnesota and enroll in a Minnesota public school are eligible to generate state aid as Minnesota residents. They would be reported on MARSS. State Aid Category 97 has been reactivated for this use. The school district of residence for a homeless pupil shall be determined based on Minnesota Statutes 120A.20 subd. 2(b).

For MARSS reporting the student will need a complete enrollment record. Following are the specific codes to use for these data elements:

  • State Aid Category = 97.
  • Last Location of Attendance = 02.
  • Homeless Flag = Y.
  • Economic Indicator = 2 (Free).
  • Status Start Date = the day the student started school in your district (cannot be before August 25, 2017).
  • Resident District Number = see Minnesota Statutes 120A.20 subd. 2(b) for residency determination.

It is the responsibility of the district homeless liaison to verify whether a student is considered homeless and provide necessary documentation on that determination.

If this code is not found in your State Aid Category then you must add it to the table.  This is done by opening the Lookup Table Definition view.  Open the K12.Enrollment folder, then scroll down to find the Tuition Payer Code and click it.  The table will open and you will want to add the following for code 97:

List Order would be 97, Code is 97, Description is Natural Disaster Displacement and a 97 will be entered into the Other SIS column as well.  It should look like this:



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