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08 November 2016

New Daily Attendance Report - ATD610

ATD610 is new and will calculate the Percent Present.

This report can be run at the school level, or when focused at the district level, giving you the opportunity to run the report for multiple schools.  When at the district level, the user gets the chance to use the Filter Group Definition view (found in the Synergy Tree / System / Setup folder) where a user can group the schools they want included in the report.

The user has two Print By options: 1) by ethnicity or 2) by grade level.

Optionally, the user has a Grade Level Filter, and when left blank will give you all grades.

This report has a check box to Use State Absence Codes (these are your absence reason codes that count absences for the MARSS report).  If you choose not to use this, then the user has the ability to select absences by reason type, or cherry pick specific absence reasons.

This report will find students that have absence reasons in the All Day Code column. 

  1. Period Attendance Taking schools will want to make sure that their absences are properly reported in this column.  Hint:  The Mass Change Attendance view can help them populate this field based on the criteria they select.   
  2. Daily attendance schools (once daily or twice daily) will have their absences counted based on entries into those fields.

Here is what the report interface looks like.


Below is the detail for one school and the grades within that school.

  1. Date Range (this is a required field)
  2. Grades selected (when left blank all grades are included)
  3. Report ID
  4. Percent Present (Average Daily Attendance)



Below is a Summary page that will list the average totals by school. The bottom line will give you an average for all schools combined.

This report will also honor the entries that were made on the advanced tab of the school calendar view, and properly adjust the totals.

When focused at the School site, the user will have the option to include concurrently enrolled students, but will not see the filter group definition box.  The absence reasons displayed will be only the absence reasons the school opted to use for the current school year.


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