SMART Human Resources (SMART HR) is a contemporary payroll and human resources administration application designed for the specific and unique needs of school districts in Minnesota. With its convenient web interface (ESS), SMART HR has the ability to transform your districts payroll function into an efficient, paperless compensation system. Integrated with the SMART Finance accounting application, SMART HR provides a seamless update of pertinent payroll and benefit cost data to the appropriate financial accounts.

SMART HR is structured as a series of modules that allows the district to decide what to implement to meet their needs. Various security levels, by user type, can be established to protect the confidentiality of information. A key feature of SMART HR is the date effective entry of data. This allows the user to record entries and changes when received, knowing they will not take effect until the date is reached. The districts Payroll and Human Resource Departments can then work from the same database without disrupting the workflow of either area.

In addition to the contemporary functionality of SMART HR, Region I provides an unparalleled level of support services to school district administrators and staff. The following is a summary listing of support services – 

General Training and Support

Individual and group training is provided, as requested, for beginning through advanced users.

Unlimited Region I telephone support is available to answer any questions that may arise on a day to day basis in the use of the software, simply by calling our toll free number.

Real time support of users is handled through screen “shadowing”, allowing active demonstration of software procedures while district user looks on.

Region I staff will provide guidance on basic payroll accounting and payroll tax issues. Software application upgrades and database backup are handled by the Region I staff. (See Database Administration section).

Other HR/Payroll Assistance Provided

Preparation of all year-end W-2 forms for the district, and electronic transmittal to the applicable states and federal agencies.

Ordering and delivery of blank check stock and ACH notices, on an as needed basis, at a bulk quantity pricing.

Compliance support and assistance for reporting specific payroll information to various agencies, such as – -TRA -PERA -MDES -STAR -TSA administration and compliance service groups -Section 125 service groups -New Hire Automated annual payroll budget creation and import to finance system.

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SMART Systems is owned, developed and supported by Regions I, II, III, IV and V, serving Minnesota school districts and other education related service agencies for more than 35 years.