Region 1 and SchoolPay

Unify your eCommerce and in-person payments! SchoolPay supports custom integrations with all the software systems Region 1 supports.


Moving Destiny payments
into SchoolPay increases
library revenue recovery.
Parents and guardians are
in SchoolPay with great
regularity, making your
payments much more likely
to be managed in a timely

Using our custom
integration with Edupoint
Synergy you receive
the benefit of real-time
post-back data. When a
parent checks out using
SchoolPay, fees post back
directly into Synergy as


Synergy Integration

There are two ways districts using Edupoint’s SIS, Synergy, can leverage the integration SchoolPay and
Region 1 support. All schools using Synergy will leverage a daily, automated synchronization of student data
between systems. Districts that utilize Synergy’s Fee Module, will also have access to a real-time web-service

Save Time

Reduce Manual Accounting Entries:
All online and mobile Synergy Fee
payments immediately post back
into Synergy software as paid.
This integration will save your
staff countless hours in manual
entries while providing parents a
convenient way to pay for their
students’ Synergy Fees.

Pay for Fees from ParentVUE Accounts

All student fees are visible from Synergy ParentVUE. The
integration allows guardians to select the fees they want to
pay for and immediately check out. Upon checkout, they
are automatically transferred to SchoolPay to complete their
transaction. Prior to completing their transaction, the parent
has the option of logging into a SchoolPay account where they
can continue shopping for things like Food Service Deposits,
Library Fines, or any other payments relevant to their students.
Additional integration options are available for districts that
require in-person credit and debit card payments of Synergy


Follett Destiny Integration

All fees supported in Destiny are available for payment in SchoolPay both online and in-person. SchoolPay
collects a daily sync from Destiny and delivers a daily file that post all payments back into Destiny software.
Suppression of textbook titles and other customizations, allow you to present fees in SchoolPay in the manner
that best suits your needs.


 SchoolPay's Unique Value Proposition

What makes our integration unique from other eCommerce providers? We are more than an
ecommerce provider. We are an enterprise payment platform that supports all currencies (credit
card and all physical currencies), all modes of payment (in person, online and mobile) across all
departments in the district--from a unified payment and reporting interface. Even your non-profit
entities can offer payments from the same interface.


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