CRDC Webinar Registration

Region 1 Synergy users can register for any one of six sessions covering the new items required for meeting the CRDC reporting requirements.

We ask for only 1 registration per district per session to maximize the number of districts per session.
Each session is open to a maximum of 12 registrants. Each session is identical and will be approximately 1 hour in length.

Please provide your name, phone number, e-mail and District name when registering.

Session connection information will be e-mailed to each registrant the day prior to the session they register for:

The phone number that will be used for each session is:

Dial: 866-992-1004
Participant code is: 299272

Dates and times for each session are as follows:

01/31/2017  10:00am and again 1:30pm
02/02/2017  10:00am and again 1:30pm
02/06/2017  10:00am and again 1:30pm