Online Assessment

Synergy® Assessment enables educators to easily build, manage, and deliver formative classroom assessments online.

New assessments can be created with just a couple of intuitive clicks, importing items from any source or creating new, standards-aligned T/F, multiple-choice, single answer, and essay items. Teachers can monitor assessments, schedule future assessments, and access real-time performance data from the Assessment Dashboard. They can create breakout groups directly from the Results screen - simplifying the process of grouping students for differentiated instruction – and use classroom-level item analysis to identify widely missed items and ensure they are reinforcing concepts not yet mastered by most students.

Synergy Assessment empowers educators to measure and analyze individual and classroom progress toward district, state, and Common Core standards, strands, and sub-strands. Color-coded analysis bands show which students are performing below, at, or above performance thresholds. Administrators and teachers can view longitudinal assessment results by school, class/section, course, student, or AYP subgroup.

Because Synergy Assessment is fully integrated across the Synergy Education Platform, assessments can be built directly from LessonVUE® or TeacherVUE® Gradebook, delivered to students within the StudentVUE® module, and centrally stored for district-wide access. Teachers can view assessment scores in the gradebook alongside assignments, quizzes, and tests, making it easier to recognize performance patterns and adjust instruction to meet student needs. Assessment results are sent home via the ParentVUE® and StudentVUE web portals or mobile application.