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16 January 2017

Course History in Synergy

The end of the 1st semester is a few weeks away.  Now is the time to review your process for Transcripts. 

1.  Update Student Course History

Make sure the calendar year is updated before transferring marks.  This rolls over from last year, so please review.  If you are using the CHS Type make sure the field is filled in.  For buildings that are 7-12 use the Student Grade Filter. 

The CHS Type is a lookup table and can be modified if necessary.

The other option is to update your District Courses with the CHS type based on low grade/high grade.  A new column in Update Student Course History called ‘Use District Course CHS Type’ is available eliminating the need to Transfer by grade levels. 


2. Student Course History

Student Course History view displays all course records for a student.  Using the Filter Options help to narrow down the records – for example use the CHS Type – ‘High School’ to view only High school course records or use a specific grade level.

All of the columns in the detail area on the screen have the sort arrows. This is another useful tool when looking at the data.    

Use the Column display feature to remove any columns you are currently not using.

From the Menu – choose View Audit Detail for Student Course History.  On the Region 1 website in the Edupoint Manuals – a 2016 User Meeting - Synergy New Features handout describes how to set this option on your database. 

This option shows any changes to Marks, and when, and who made the change.  If you need help setting this up, contact any of the Student support staff.



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