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Check Out ATP409: Period Absence Count!
03 October 2017

Check Out ATP409: Period Absence Count!

ATP409 gives you the ability view and compare the total absence counts students have.

One way to use ATP409, is to set a condition for a specific number of absences, and to generate a list of students who have met that threshold. To do this, go to the Conditions tab on the report interface, and add a condition. Choose the Total Period Absence Count for a Condition, Greater or Equal for an Operator, and a number for the Value.

In this example, you get a list of students with five or more absences of your chosen absence reason.

Another way to use ATP409 would be to compare two absence reasons. Maybe you want to see the difference between Unexcused and Excused absences.

In this case, one student has many more Unexcused Absences compared to Excused Absences. Don’t forget that you can do a condition when comparing two as well. In this case, the condition was set to show anybody with a total that was greater than or equal to one.


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