MARSS Support Services

The MARSS (Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System) support service offered by Region 1 provides your district with a resource center throughout the year to answer any MARSS related questions and assist you with the editing and file upload requirements.
Missed students or incorrect coding in your MARSS counts means dollars to the district!

Summary of Services

  • Act as your district’s MARSS resource center throughout the year to answer any MARSS related questions. Missed students or incorrect coding in your MARSS counts means dollars to the district!
  • Receive MARSS A (school/grade data) and B (student demographic and enrollment info) files via our secure website file sharing portal.
    • Store the most recent files electronically by MARSS school year and district number.
    • Review to determine that the file layout is in a state approved format. The records must be in the state approved layout for each record type in order to submit.
    • Combine the individual school files into one complete district file, by file type, when necessary.
  • With regard to the actual content of the MARSS files, there are a number of functions performed in the edit process.
    • Run information edits using the most recent MARSS WES program furnished by MDE.
    • Review the error report, and provide suggestions or solutions to correct the errors and look for warning signs that may indicate that the data is not reasonable.
    • Produce needed reports by using the MARSS WES program and provide them to the users in an electronic format (adobe acrobat reader (pdf)) via our secure website file sharing portal.
  • Provide a reminder to users when a reporting deadline is approaching via e-mail.
  • Send the Districts files to the state of Minnesota’s web site to meet MARSS deadlines after receiving a MARSS release from them.
  • Schedule and conduct MARSS update user meetings to disseminate MARSS related information as changes in reporting requirements occur.
  • Schedule and conduct MARSS 101 classes as needed, to acquaint new staff with MARSS necessary data and reporting requirements.
  • Conduct MARSS files edits year round, if requested, to provide the needed reports for administrators to monitor their districts ADM progress.
  • Monitor correspondence and other MARSS related notifications that are published by MDE and communicate pertinent information to MARSS support districts.

File Upload

MARSS Documents

MARSS News You Can Use

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  • District School ADM

    This data is used to compute each district’s final aid entitlements: August and September MARSS files are used to compute the ADM (average daily membership) used for independent school district&...
  • Be sure to review the PSEO reports for accuracy

    PSEO Reports, MARSS 56 and MARSS 58, have been posted for semesters one and two, school year 2016-17. Students who enrolled in PSEO for semesters one and two where MDE paid the tuition are included. P...
  • Special Education Service Hours (SESH) 

    ** The Region 1 deadline for the August data is July 27For end of year MARSS reporting special education service hours (SESH) are required for specific students starting with the MARSS April submissio...
  • MARSS Memo Dated November 15, 2016

    A new MARSS memo dated November 15, 2016 has been posted to Districts, Schools and Educators> School Finance > MARSS-Student Accounting > MARSS Memos.Topics include: Reporting Timelines FY 20...
  • CRDC Reporting - Did You Know?

    CRDC reportingDid you know? The Office for Civil Rights anticipates the submission tool to open in late January/early February. PSC will send a notification when the exact opening date has been confir...
  • Special Education Service Hours (SESH)

    For end of year MARSS reporting Special Education Service Hours are required for specific students starting with the MARSS April submission. Knowing the SESH are not correct at that time we have told ...

MDE External User Access Recertification

The Minnesota Department of Education is releasing a new External User Access Recertification System. This system provides local education agency superintendents and directors with additional information and control over who has external access to MDE secure systems for their LEA. 

In many cases, each MDE secure system required the district to complete a separate Superintendent Authorization Form to indicate which users were authorized for access to that system. 

For more information, please download the below document.

External User Access Recertification Release Announcement