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K12Foodies - Engaging Students Outside of the Lunchroom
19 May 2017

K12Foodies - Engaging Students Outside of the Lunchroom

This episode is an amazing illustration of how child nutrition professionals can impact their district’s students outside of the lunchroom. Stefanie Giannini is the Assistant Director of Food and Nutrition Services at Marquardt School District 15 (IL) and she is going to tell us about her district’s Young Chefs Club.

This is an extremely fun and educational club that gets middle school students in the kitchen, learning everything from knife skills to preparing a menu and coordinating a formal taste testing for parents and teachers and here’s the best part – THE KIDS LOVE IT! In fact, this past semester, the club filled up in 15 minutes and alternate options are having to be created for students that were already in the club and want to join again!


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