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New Feature - Email Letters
21 July 2017

New Feature - Email Letters

New! You can now email letters (instead of printing and mailing) student account or meal status letters to parents/guardians in Point of Sale and Student Eligibility. 
These are new features that will need to be enabled in System Management: Security: User Group Setup.
Setting Point of Sale Preference

Setting Student Eligibility Preference

In Point of Sale, this is under Student Reports: Letters. An Email option has been added to the send option.

In Student Eligibility, this is under Letters: Notifications and MBE Notification options. An Email button has been added to the send option.

  • You can email any letter that is available here.
  • You will be prompted after emails are sent to manually print any letters that were undeliverable.
  • In Letter History, two columns were added (Letter Send Method and Failed) to show whether you sent the parent/guardian a letter by mail and email, and if it was by email, whether it failed to send.


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