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03 March 2017

News and Notes

Closing Periods

As we prepare for FY17 year end, we will begin closing periods 201701 through 201706.  We will be looking for unposted JEs, vouchers, receipts, etc.  If you need to reopen one of these periods, this can be done by clicking ‘Find’ in the Accounting Calendar and scrolling until you find the period to reopen.

Revenue Budgeting for FY18
The new FY 2018 Revenue Projection Model is now available on MDE’s website.  If you would like assistance working on next year’s revenue budget, send AliStacy, or Wayne your FY18 pupil estimates.  We will use those pupil estimates to create a revenue budget using the Budget Workpapers in SMART Finance.

On the User Input tab of the FY 2018 Revenue Projection Model, we recommend entering the Youth Services Levy and After School Levy amounts.  If you have these levies, the amounts can be found on the Levy Certification report.

With the next SMART Finance release scheduled for July, it would be beneficial to shut off accounts that are not being used.  We will be contacting you with a list of accounts that have not been used for 3 years.  You can inform us if there are any accounts you want to keep, and we will shut off the rest.

We have converted Deferred Maintenance (finance 385) and Health & Safety (several finance dimensions) accounts to the new Long Term Facilities Maintenance program numbers.  Do not reactivate these accounts if they are shut off.  Please call if you have LTFM coding questions.


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