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22 February 2017

SMARTHR News and Notes

ACA Update

Reminder 2016 ACA 1095 B or C forms are due to your employees by March 2, 2017.  Authorization forms are due to Region 1 by March 2 so that the files can be processed by March 31, 2017.


Pay Detail is a tool for viewing calculated daily and hourly rates for contracted employees. This tab also shows you “estimated” annual values for unit paid employees. Some setup information is needed in order for the calculation/estimate process to happen.  Contact your processor to help you set this up.

TimeClock Plus Tip

Are you having your substitutes clock in using TimeClock Plus?  If so, did you know the sub tracking module can be used to help you track who they are subbing for?  At the time of clock-in, the substitute, for tracking purposes, simply selects the teacher they are subbing for.  If you would like more information on this module contact Carol or Mara.


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