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Year End Checklist
02 May 2018

Year End Checklist

Year End Status – Graduation Status and Date

The Year End Status field is no longer used for MARSS graduation reporting.  The MARSS extract automatically inserts
the code ‘08’- graduated into the file for any student in grade 12.  If you have seniors not graduating, update the Next
Grade and Next School on the Other Info tab.  If next grade is equal to 12, the extract inserts code ‘40’ - End of Year.

To determine if a student has met all of the graduation requirements, use CHS202 found in Course History – Reports
– Individual. Only add ‘Work In Progress’ if you have not POSTED final marks to Course History.  Make sure to check
‘Show Detailed Course History’. In the Filtering option choose the following:

The results with this option are only the students who have not met the Graduation Requirements.

To insert the Graduation Date you can still use the Year End Status View found in Grading to accomplish this. Choose the
Student Related Property Update Tab – include grade 12 in the Grades to Process. Add Graduation Date as a Property and
enter the date in the value. Also update the Graduation Status with the code 0 at the same time.  ‘0’ zero indicates ‘Graduated
passing all requirements’.  If you update the Graduation Status on the Student FIND screen, the Graduation column is set to
YES. See screen shot below.


***Make sure to clear out Graduation Date and Status on the seniors who are not graduating.

Objective Based Report Cards 

After the final report cards have been ran and reviewed, create an additional job to attach the permanent report card to the
document tab in the Student View.  Follow these steps to accomplish this task.

1. From the School Setup view – Menu – run Update Homerooms. 

2. From the Grade Book folder – Reports – choose GBK201.

3. By unchecking the Batch Process – the Other Options appear, choose the option to ‘Archive to Student Documents’.  This can
be done by grade level OR by teacher.  ‘Include Students Not Marked Complete’ and select the Document category.  The Document
Comment area is optional. 

This creates 2 jobs – 1 log file and the report card batch.  It is not necessary to print the report cards again if you have already sent them
out.  On the Student View – Documents tab you should see a PDF with the date you ran this process.  This is the Final Report Card for
this student.  This process creates the attachment for active only students.   Prior to inactivating students who leave your district this
process can be ran for a single student to create the Final Report card and attach to the Document tab.

4. Check a few students Document tab to make sure the PDF has been created.

5. Submit any changes for report cards for the upcoming school year to Region I by May 1st.

  1. Finish all grading processes (incompletes, final report cards).
  2. POST grades to student course history for all schools required to report MCCC.
  3. Update your course history GPA’s and ranks.
  4. Update the Graduation Status and Date with the process found in this document.
  5. Post your objective based report cards to the documents tab of the student view with the process found in this document.
  6. Finish all MARSS related items and notify your MARSS coordinator.
  7. During the summer complete the MCCC reporting, Early Education, and Carl Perkins reporting. 
  8. Run the DIRS extract for each school and submit files. 
  9. Disable any user accounts for the Users whose employment has ended
  10. Turn off the Grade Book emails that Parents have opted into – if not turned off parents might continue receiving emails during the summer.  To do this go to System-ParentVUE-ParentVUE and StudentVUE Configuration – Email tab.  Uncheck the Active Email notifications you have setup.
  11.  Review the recurring jobs in Job Queue. Any job without an end date will run in the summer. 
  12.  Make sure all New Year Rollovers are completed – including Census schools or any other type of schools where students need to be promoted. 



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