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Recurring Jobs
06 November 2018

Recurring Jobs

Recurring Jobs are jobs that users have scheduled to run at a particular time, for a given date range, in a given school year.

Most jobs should have both a start date and end date that is within the given school year.

Any user can see their own recurring jobs by hovering over the two gear icon shown here:   

If you are a user that can open the JobQueue Admin view, then you can see all recurring jobs for all users. Click the JobQueue Admin button you see on the screen shot above, or use the quick launch box type Job Q Admin. In both cases you will get the following view.

When the view opens, click the Show Recurring check box and then click the Filter button to see all recurring jobs, where it may look something like this.

The Submit Dt will be when the job will run next, and the Completed column will be blank. You will see the job id, description and the user name of the user that created the job.

You can show the details of each job by double clicking the line number to open.

You can see more info about each job.

Focus and Year, the email account(s) for people who should be getting notice about the report, and whether the job results are attached to the email.

There are several tabs for this detail, Recurring Pattern, Results and System Info. The Detail tab and Recurring Pattern are probably the two most important.

If recurring jobs need to be stopped for some reason, click the white check box you see at the beginning of the line that the job is on. 

Please do not click the Delete Jobs button, which will by default delete all recurring jobs.

There are jobs that need to run each day.  Some of which are:

  • Task-Proc – Creates the task each user wants (Medication task list, discipline referral tasks, PVUE changes …).  This job should be stopped at the end of each school year and restarted at the beginning of the next school year.
  • Email_Bulk, Email_Immediate and Email_PXP_Bulk (notifications) – These jobs need to run to send the emails generated by the Mass Email View, Parent Notifications (those labeled as bulk, ex: Gradebook progress reports) and Email tagged as immediate – typically from your Teaching staff.
  • Grade-Book Mass Synch – this one needs to run each night if the real time synch for the district has not been turned on.


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