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05 March 2019

Synergy Tip of the Month

This tip really can be used for several topics. This one happens to cover CRDC reporting. To help you report courses that are considered Dual Credit.

  1. Start with a blank District Course view
  2. Navigate to the Description tab and check the box for Dual/Concurrent enrollment course found in the State Course Classification group box under the heading of Course Level.
  3. Click Find and you will get the results listing the courses that are tagged as Dual/Concurrent.
  4. Click the Open in Query button to open these results into a query.
  5. The Business Object Course is highlighted so in the filter box type DualCredit and select the field to be added to your query in the Property Overrides area at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Change your output type at the top of the screen to HTML
  7. Check the Allow Results to be Edited and click the Execute button
  8. A list of results appears allowing you to edit the Dual Credit box changing the No’s to Yes’s.

This same process can be used for other things on the District Course view, Section view (instructional method, section record type…) Student screen (used to change Student demographic data)


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